Our condoms are one of the thinnest in the world at 0.01mm. We can be up to 8 times thinner than latex. Uniq condoms are 100% hypoallergenic and more resistant than latex. Of course, the packaging is also important. We have developed innovative packaging that simulates a credit card.


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Uniq Pull With pull straps for easy unrolling. Won’t get damaged in the wallet. Ultra-hygienic – No need to touch the condom during application.
Pull Measures: Width: 60 +/-2 mm Height: 160 mm
Uniq Classic The traditional latex condom, made with our unique material.
Measures: Width 60 +/-2 mm Height: 160 mm
Uniq Free Specially designed base for enhanced genital protection (protective ring). Will not get damaged in the wallet.
Measures: Width: 60 +/-2 mm Height: 160 mm
Uniq Smart Designed to be placed 2 hours before erection.
Measures: Width: 60 +/-2 mm Height: 160 mm
Oral Our revolutionary product, designed for both pleasure and protection during oral intimacy. Imagine a mask or panty, but enhanced to provide unforgettable sensations!!!
Measures: Width: 60 +/-2 mm Height: 160 mm



Female condoms are to stay. The time has come for women to take control of their sexuality and decide when to use a condom. Thanks to Uniq condoms, these latex-free, ultra-thin, and resistant female condoms with a retention bubble that provides pleasure to women have arrived in the market.

Uniq Lady Only the sexy garters will be seen. You will feel more secure and sexy.  AIR female: Is the same as Lady Uniq, without the laces.

Measures: Width: 70 +/-2 mm Height: 140 mm

Uniq Air  This condom is lubricated, with an air bubble as an internal retention mechanism. “The bubble is safe and will never burst.”

Measures: Width: 70 +/-2 mm Height: 140 mm


Probe Covers: Protective covers for ultrasound diagnostic procedures, scanning, and similar procedures, preventing the transfer of microorganisms and bodily fluids between patients.
Finger cots: Protection for intimate contact. Used as a barrier of protection during sexual contact. Ultra-thin for greater sensitivity. Hypoallergenic. Bidirectional. Adheres to the skin, easy to put on.
UNIQ MEGASEX BIDIRECTIONAL: Economical presentation; designed to be used on either side, includes Ultralub lubricant to be applied at the time of use, with the possibility of using more or less amount or another lubricant to make the intercourse more pleasurable.
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