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Who are we?

We are the Company that designs and manufactures the most innovative non-latex condoms of the market. Our condoms are made of a synthetic resin (AT- 10), which improves the protection and sexual experience of those who use them.

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Try Uniq, then retry latex and you will never go back to latex or mass-produced condoms again!


Uniq condoms
(Uniq International SAS)

We provide greater security, sensitivity and paracticity (they can keep in the wallet for up to two years without affecting their quality). We receive the best comments from our users.


Our Quality Management System is certified by Medcert GmbH, Hamburg-Germany under the ISO13485: 2003 in the desing, manufacture and final inspectation of condoms made in synthetic resin, and under Annex II of the MDD 93/42 / CEE, relative to medical devices, thus constituting us in the first worldwide condom industry in synthetic resin that achieves this recognition. Our last certification received was in ISO 13485: 2003 under CMDCAS (Certificate # 448044 MP23CMDR).


Certificate of design, manufacture and final inspection of condoms made of synthetic resin. In ISO 13485:2016 Certificate Number.2906GB445181120.


Certificate Condoms made of synthetic resin, Annex II Council Directive 93/42 / EEC Certificate Number.2906GB410181120 MedCert ID: 0482

MDi Europe


DQS – Certificate

Certificate of design, manufacture and final inspection of condoms made of synthetic resin.13485 : 2016 (MDSAP Audit Model Edition 2) Certificate Number.  448044 MDSAP16.


PBX: 571 6702400 Ext: 221 tatiana.santafe@uniqcondoms.com Carrera 19a # 196 – 23 Bogotá, Colombia